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hCG Diet Frequently Asked Questions

Is hCG safe?

Yes, it is very safe. Large amounts of hCG are released during pregnancy without any harmful side effects. The amount of hCG used in weight loss programs is only a fraction of what is naturally released in pregnancy. The only people not able to use hCG are those who have any hormone related cancer, an allergy to hCG, or precocious puberty in teenagers.

Why don’t pregnant women lose weight if they have large amounts of hCG within their bodies?

The hormone hCG works to mobilize and burn fat for the body to use when there is a significant decrease in calories and fat. The body must go into a starvation state for the hCG to work. This is why it is a protective mechanism in pregnancy, especially for women who do not know they are pregnant, and live in poor economic status where they may not have enough food available to them. Most pregnant women do not fall into this category; therefore they do not lose weight, but instead gain weight appropriate for the growth of the baby. For weight loss, we use a very low calorie diet to stimulate hCG to help rid the body of fat.

Will the low calorie diet cause my metabolism to slow down?

The normal response to a Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD (seen as starvation by the body), is to store fat and slow metabolism to ensure survival. However, when hCG is used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, the body’s excess fat reserves are burned as energy to support its needs. This prevents our bodies from storing fat and our metabolism from slowing down during the short period of time while on the VLCD and hCG.

If I eat a very low calorie diet without hCG, will I lose the same amount of weight?

No, because on a VLCD without hCG, you body goes into “starvation mode,”. In this mode your body is programmed to store fat instead of burning it, in order to create reserves to make it through the period of starvation. Then when the VLCD ends, the body will store even more fat as normal calorie consumption begins, to prepare for the next possible period of starvation. This is the common cycle people tend to fall into when dieting, and this is the reason they never keep the weight off. With hCG, you body is stimulated to burn fat during the low calorie period, so it does not fall into the cycle of storing fat as reserves. This will keep you from storing unwanted fat during the diet, and from having a rebound weight gain after the diet has ended.

Will I get hungry on the very low calorie hCG diet?

This varies from person to person. Some get hungry, and some don’t. The hCG is stimulating your body to burn fat as energy, so your body’s energy needs are being met. This will help to reduce hunger in most, because the body has plenty of energy to use (hunger is a reflex to let you know your body needs energy). Therefore, the body does not need to stimulate the hunger reflex as a response to low energy in the system. See hCG Diet Recipes

Will I be depleted of vitamins and nutrients on hCG and the VLCD?

Remember, the VLCD is only for a short period of time. Also, every time you lose a pound of fatty tissue, which will happen almost daily, only the actual fat is burned up. All the vitamins, proteins, and minerals contained in the tissue are fed back into the body.

Will hCG interfere with my medications, like birth control pills or Depo-Provera injections?

HCG does not interfere with any medications, including birth control. There will be NO side effects as far as hCG and medications are concerned.

Will there be any changes in my menstrual cycle while I am taking hCG?

Patients should not experience any changes in their menstrual cycle, because the amount of hCG being used is very small. It also does not increase the chances of becoming pregnant or affect your ability to become pregnant while taking the hormone. It is not an acceptable treatment for a woman who is already pregnant or trying to get pregnant, due to the low calorie diet.

How much weight will I lose on the program?

The average amount of weight loss is between 10 to 25 pounds for the three-week interval. This varies from individual to individual, and the closer you are to your body’s ideal weight, the slower you will lose weight. The slowest loser usually loses about 1/2 a pound a day.

Does weight loss slow down after the first month?

Most people will have a large amount of weight loss in the beginning, and then they begin to level off or plateau. This does not mean they stop losing weight, only that they are losing it at a slower rate (but most importantly, they are still losing). Some patients opt to do a second round of hCG, and during this time period, they can have another large drop in weight, followed by a leveling off stage as well.

Can men use the hCG program?

Yes, men can safely use the program, as long as they do not have a hormone dependant cancer (such as prostate cancer). hCG is NOT a sex hormone, and its actions are identical in men, women, and children. It does not cause masculine traits in a woman nor feminist traits in a man.

What blood work do I need before starting the program and why?

The medical staff at Memphis Diet Clinic run basic blood work. To learn more, schedule a free, private consultation.

After the Diet

When you complete the diet, you must continue to weigh each day. You want to maintain your weight within 1-2 pounds. You should refrain from all sugars and starches at first. They can slowly be added back to your diet as long as you are maintaining your weight. You should increase your food intake slowly each day until you reach a level that maintains your NEW weight.

When can I do another round of treatment?

You can do a new round of treatment approximately every 10 weeks. This allows 23 days of shots, diet, and 6 weeks off.

Note: hCG is a prescription medication which is FDA approved for certain uses. Although it is is not FDA approved for the treatment of weight control or obesity, medications are frequently used off-label to treat conditions that are unrelated to their original indication, safely and effectively. Using hCG in dieting is considered an "off-label" use.